The spring


In the picture square valleys of the High Tatras Mountains in the Heart of Europe, Slovakia, about 250 ft under the ground, this is where you can find a crystal clear and fresh water spring of BeBe Water. The water source is protected by the natural shelter  of rocks and sediments which ensures its purity, its unique and balanced mineral composition and of course its perfect taste.

The water comes directly from the underground source and meets the highest quality standards of composition, production, storage conditions and quality control.

Now you can get on your table what nature has protected for many years. BeBe water from pristine nature is the right water for you and your family.

Light spring water BeBe contains only 300 milligrams of minerals per liter, making it perfect for everyday drinking regime for all age groups. It does not burden body but it supplies the body with a balanced amount of necessary substances, such as calcium, magnesium and also provides refreshing taste.

The mineral content of BeBe water is in line with the recommendations of experts for everyday drinking, who suggest that we should drink lightly mineralized water, with the mineralization of 150 to 400 mg of minerals per liter, which corresponds with the recommendations of experts on the baby water.

Bebe Water - Natural Spring Water