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Enjoy unique taste of spring water BeBe from pristine nature. Naturally low in minerals. Very low in sodium.

Perfect for everyday drinking and food preparation. Don't need to boil

Bebe Water

Natural spring water with exceptional taste

Bebe Water is naturally pure spring water, which originates from protected underground water source from the pristine nature of the High Tatra Mountains in Slovakia.

The water comes directly from the underground source and meets the highest quality standards of composition, production, storage conditions and control.

Bebe Water is suitable for drinking by all age groups, but it is particularly suitable for kids and infants due to its purity, very low mineral content and 0% content of sodium.

Excellent fresh taste

Very low mineral content of about 300 mg/l

No carbonation

Contains 0% of sodium

Optimal pH of 7.9

Ideal for drinking regime of kids and infants

Quality from pristine Nature

Quality from pristine Nature

BeBe Water originates from the pristine nature of the High Tatras from the underground protected spring. Natural filter comprised by the layers of minerals and rocks ensures that the water is crystal clear and perfect for a healthy lifestyle for both you and your baby.

The highest quality standards

The highest quality standards

BeBe Water is naturally low in nitrates and minerals and meets the most stringent criteria for quality and that’s why it is ideal for preparing baby food and for drinking by the little ones without having to boil the water.

Balanced mineral content

Balanced mineral content

Bebe Water contains around 300 milligrams of minerals per liter, making it a perfect base for drinking regime of every person. It supplies the body with a balanced amount of necessary substances, such as calcium and magnesium, but it is still very low in sodium and other unnecesary minerals.

Bebe Water - Natural Spring Water

Excellent for mothers during pregnancy and lactation

Excellent taste and reliably banish thirst and mothers during pregnancy and lactation.

Breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women should pay particular attention to their daily fluid intake. The risk of dehydration is much higher because during the pregnancy the flow of blood in the body nearly doubles.

Insufficient fluid intake that can be very uncomfortable and can complicate the circulation of nutrients in the body. Similar to kids, BeBe water is excellent for expectant and breastfeeding women.

Water for all family

BeBe Spring water with its unique composition, soft mineralization, optimum amount of calcium and magnesium and low content of sodium is the best option for a healthy drinking regime not only for kids, but also for people of all age and the whole family.

BeBe spring water has slightly alkaline environment of pH 7.9 due to a higher proportion of bicarbonate, which will help in the fight against the ongoing acidification of the body.

Dehydration comes easily in the older age

A sufficient fluid intake is important at any age. Elderly who are facing significant natural loss of fluid in the body, are more sensitive to changes in water intake and therefor it is important for them to drink water frequently. BeBe water is low in sodium and has optimum composition of important minerals, which is beneficial for people of any age.

As in every age, pure spring water without bubbles is the ideal accompaniment to everyone’s drinking regime. Spring water has low mineral content and is ideal for very day, long term drinking. Furthermore it can help supplement certain minerals, particularly calcium, zinc, iron and magnesium. In addition to nutritional supplements you can also obtain these elements from appropriately chosen spring water.