Get vital with Spring water

16.09.2016 13:53

It is only Monday and you already feel that you are „out of fuel“, that you don’t have enough energy? You are not alone!  Unpredictable weather changes and busy, modern lifestyle can cause that our body lacks energy. Work on your lifestyle and get back vital energy with spring water!

One of the most common causes of fatigue is, paradoxically, supplying the body with "quick energy" food. Foods with high sugar levels cause your blood sugar to increase quite fast, but the body releases insulin which then causes that sugar level decreases dramatically and we feel even more exhausted as before.  That’s why the trend is to change lifestyle and turn to the "slower" and healthier food such as meat, dairy products, nuts, eggs and of course lots of fruits, vegetables and fibre. Instead of the energy roller coaster "one-up-one-down" you up a gradual and steady supply of power. Drinking fresh, spring water will give your body the right vitality.

Did you know, that…?

Get energy from spring water

Did you know that you could get energy from spring water? Unlike coke, coffee of other energy drinks, spring water does not contain sugar, additives or artificial colors, which burden the body and the body has to produce more energy to burn them and you loose more energy than you gain. It is recommended by doctors daily to drink spring water with the mineral content up to 500 mg/l mineral content.  

Slow down the aging process

By proper hydration of your body and avoiding foods that are high in sugars and additives, you not only vitalize your body, but you can also slow down the aging process. The water is present in every cell of our body and therefor to vitalize our cell we also need water. Our body needs proper hydration not only from outside, but also from inside. Drinking water frequently will revitalize your body and your skin will also look great and hydrated from outside.

Glass of water every morning

Start your day with glass of water instead of coffee. Revitalize your body in the morning by drinking a glass of clean, spring water before you have your breakfast. Studies show that glass of water on empty stomach has beneficial effects on your body and can help to prevent range of problems from headaches, chronic fatigue, digestion and more.

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